Forty Hours of Driving over Three Days

And my boys are still all smiles! All three little men loved being in the car. Tyler and I both agree that they were better behaved on the the road trip than they are at home. Henry rotated between reading himself books, drinking chocolate milk, playing with Bert and Ernie puppets and pointing out every single semi truck on the freeway. Mack also read and played with Wallace while eating chocolate Costco muffins. Wallace slept, ate, and then slept some more. When we arrived at a hotel and it came time to go to sleep, Henry couldn't contain himself. All day looking at trucks and then a SLUMBER PARTY! First we tried having him sleep with Mack, no go. Then he got into bed with me and Tyler slept with Mack. Henry wouldn't stop tickling my arm, so I rolled over and he played with my hair instead.
The boys were troopers at the funeral. Tyler had to take Henry out a few times, but the building's nursery toys had all been left out, which was very helpful. Henry may or may not have broken one of their matchbox cars in half. No one can prove anything.


  1. bwa haha i like the pictures of the boys in the car.. they look like they've gone completely nuts!

  2. love this! Seeing their happy smiles just makes you laugh. Love the picture of the boys in bed I can hear the laughter and Henry's face says it all.