WOW, Has this year ever flown by?! So Christmas was wonderful, no surprises there (well there were SURPRISES, but it wasn't a surprise it went well...). Everything was the same this year as last year (and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that) here at the ol' Porterfield homestead. Tradition is the name of the game around here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which is just the way I like it! Mack was/is still being spoiled beyond belief! Basically, if his age range is printed on the box, and it's from CostCo, Grandpa got it for him. Many laughs! Mack caught the flu just before Christmas and recovered the day after. Now he's fighting an ear ache (from all those flights), we're hoping he'll be fine by the time we go back to Mexico on Saturday. Go figure, he's NEVER sick in Monterrey but as soon as we get to the states...I think he saves it up to take advantage of our health insurance. I put Mack on the floor in the cultural hall today durring sunday school and he was all over the place. He gets up on his hands and knees and then pushes himself backwards until he's stuck under the couch or a dresser or whatever. Adorable. One more thing, we got a great visit from Sean and Rachel yesterday! It really was refreshing to see old friends. They're the only one's from college that have yet to meet our boy (hint, hint). That's it for now. I'll put up some more pictures one of these days--probably when we get back to ol' Mexico. In the mean time here is one of Mack in his Christmas PJs holding the plate he made for Grammy and Grandpa. Happy New year everyone!


  1. so good to get updated on what's happening with you. after your blog about visiting the porterfield family in san diego, i was wondering what was next for you guys.
    glad to hear you had a nice and restful holiday with family. keep updates and pictures and everything coming. :)
    p.s. mack is absolutely adorable. as if you need anyone to tell you that. and i love the rosy red cheeks. :)

  2. wow fern mack's cheeks are so rosy. He has a pretty good set of eye lashes to. It was good to hear from you the other day. Nice to know things are still the same at the Porterfield's house for Christmas.

  3. Hey Fern
    I don't know if you remember me...but I am Angela's sister Lindsey. I was looking at Angela's website and meandered over to yours and your baby is SO CUTE that I couldn't resist commenting, even if that is creepy. He is soooo cute! Me and Ang were just doting over how cute he is and his rosy cheeks! Well, um, good work! Just kidding..see ya!