Feliz Año Nuevo

Well we're back....in Mexico. It's weird, it feels as if we never left but also that we were gone for a long time. I'm not quite sure if we're excited to be back. I guess more than anything we are excited to be almost done with school and on to the real world. Mexico is Mexico. On our drive into Monterrey we stopped at a state border crossing where they check for customs and import fees (who knows why this does not occur at the national border crossing). We'll in all the shuffle we forgot Fern and Mack's visas which did not sit well with the local authorities. After talking my way out of that situation we encountered the next problem. Cars either receive a red or green light indicating whether they need to stop for a customs check. The guard flashed us a green meaning it was okay for us to go. About a kilometer down the highway a large federal police truck flashed its lights and honked at us to pull over. I thought. "how much money do we have to bribe this guy"......we had no pesos at the time. Once stopped he explained that we needed to stop at the customs check point and stated that he flashed us a red light (which wasn't true). He escorted us back to the check point, lights flashing, and asked us to take all of our stuff out of the car....I figured he wanted to choose which item he wanted to pocket for himself. I emptied our little Honda that was jammed packed which Mack's Christmas toys proving to the guard that in fact we were not drug traffickers. I think Mack's hungry cry help things move along. In the end we made it out okay...just another run-in with the Mexican authorities.

The final countdown begins. I officially graduate in 82 days.....finally. I think I am beyond senioritis. I think the recent interviews help pass the time faster. Also, don't forget that the Seahawks travel to Soldier Field for a rematch aganist those pesky Bears in a NFC divisional playoff game. Go Hawks!!! Well, Feliz Año Nuevo.
Tony Romo handing the Seahawks a Wild Card victory.

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  1. great, glad all is going well and stuff, but really Ty all we want is pictures of handsome mack not of tony romo. come on for your mother-in-law. we do love and miss you all!