Mack met Santa yesterday. He gave him a funny "What's with the facial hair dude?" look, was a little confused by his crying cousin (Mason) over on Santa's other knee, and finally a little wave over to Mom and Dad, as if to say "I'm fine. Go ahead and do what you gotta do." Once again, he's adorable. Lately he's been doing this little straight armed wave with his left hand. He sticks his arm out, elbow locked, and moves his little hand around in a circle. It's too cute!
What else?....
Bellevue is QUITE the place to be for the season. At seven a bunch of drummer boys walk take position along the street (drums, cymbals and all) and drum along to some classic/jazzy Christmas carols. They stand on giant drum platforms about every 20 ft, with a young lady nearby on the sidewalk dressed in traditional caroling garb (fuzzy muff, bonnet, red skirt, you get the idea), complete with tambourine. Everyone is cheery and about 1 1/2 songs into the "set" it starts to snow (like at Disneyland). I'm telling ya I've never seen anything quite like it. Très magnifique!
Jim (Ty's Dad) cut my hair yesterday. He took off about 5ish inches, which I am thrilled about. It was getting to the point where I just had hair for hair's sake. It was down at/past my waist (still mostly healthy at least) and I simply didn't have time for all that hair in my life anymore. It was giving me headaches, took FORever to brush and wash, and no matter what I did I could not keep it out of Mack's fingers/food. So good-bye and good riddance to the last 5 inches of my hair!
Steve Bumstead took Jim, Tyler and me to a Sonic's game on Friday. I'll NEVER have better seats in my life. We were in the third row and to top it all off--they actually won with a buzzer shot! Quality entertainment my friends.
In case you haven't noticed Mack is 7 months old now. He officially fits 18month clothes (lucky because his cold weather stuff is all size 18m), but we like to mix it up with a little bit of 12month in there too (snazzy). He's adjusted well to the time change (Shauna I don't envy you trying to do this soon). We're still working on that afternoon nap, so far he just screams for a while and the falls asleep later when we're out. I don't think Tyler's family believes me when I tell them what "unusual behavior this is for him". HONESTLY, he almost never cries at home.
I feel like I could probably write more but it wouldn't make any sense this has been a pretty scattery brained blog. And if any of you out there are interested, it looks like baby Truman (the premie I linked to a while ago) might be going home today!


  1. He didn't!! well you could at least post pics for those of us who weren't there! eh hem. hint hint.

  2. I mean come on you have a picture of green bean casserole, but noooo Mack! sniff sniff. Did you hear about Grampa? i mean you probably did, but wow huh?

  3. We've been warned by numerous people not to attempt to travel with little people across time zones, and ESPECIALLY during the holidays. But you say Mack adjusted okay, so it's all good, right?! (Please say it'll be alright!!!)

    Our kids have that same thing, where if we travel anywhere, it feels like they're in perpetual fuss-mode, and everybody's like, "Whoa, sucks to be you with a kid like that!" And they all smile and nod, like, "uh-huh, I'm sure," when you tell them, "the kids really don't do this at home!"

    Nice job, Mack. It takes serious guts to sit on that fat dude's lap and maintain composure. I never could do it, myself. *high five*

  4. hey will you guys still be down there in may? We come down for lacrosse the week of the 7th.

  5. Dad has a Fohawk!!

  6. hi fern. Bellevue sounds like fun. The rain melted all our snow away today. Normally I'd be happy but it's not any warmer...just icy. I'd have to agree with everyone else this time. I usually don't beg for pictures of Mack but I want to see pictures of him waving on santa's lap.