Nothing personal but I cannot possibly field all of these "any baby yet" questions individually. SO....Until further notice I will not be responding to emails, answering my phone or in any other way communicating with the outside world. Believe me, when I have this baby everyone will know. For now, there appears to be no end in sight. My last two doctor's appointments have been exactly the same--and no, I am not going to post those type of intimate details on my blog. Sorry.
I will tell you that I recently had a wonderful facial courtesey of my mother-in-law. I've never had anything like that done before and it was absolutely amazing! The lady who did it was so nice and not at all snooty or 'better-than-you' like I thought she might be. Besides the facial, I've basically just been getting ready for little Mack. Everything is about taken care of and now there is nothing left to do but wait and try every (safe) induction tactic known to man.


  1. Fern! Hello, you make me laugh. So that's why you haven't been returning my phone calls. j/k Well, if you feel like chatting you can call me and I promise I wont ask if you had your baby yet. On another note, I have been trying and trying to learn how to knit and I just can't do it! Maybe it's because I'm learning from a DVD. I would like to consider myself a fairly competent person and I already crochet so I thought I could pick up on it pretty fast but no dice. Or maybe I'm just not reading the pattern right. Either way I can't do it and I think about the times that you say "knitting is so easy"...

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  3. Kaira Fern - I'm starting to get worried about you. I would call, but I don't have your number. How are things with you and the baby?