1, 2, 3, 4......21, 22, 23--Find the Pattern

*Birthday turned out good. Highlights include:
1) Going out for Chinese food. My doctor told me specifically earlier that day NOT to eat out in order to avoid excess sodium and help my swollen body deflate a little. For the record however-- I don't eat much salty food. In fact I never add salt to anything and have some of the best 'salt avoiding' habits of anyone I know. However again, I have had this uncontrollable craving for peanut butter & honey sandwiches for the last two months. To make up for my blatant disregard for dr's orders I have decided-as painful as it may be- to cut peanut butter from my diet. I am a good person.
2) Presents. I am very pleased to tell you that Tyler's mom gave me the only baby swing on the market that PLUGS IN! I know a lot of people won't understand what a big deal this is--but it will probably save me about a gazillion dollars in batteries. THANKS. The folks set me up with some shnazzy luggage for when we move to Mexico and Karly let me have her necklace that I'm telling her how much I love "hint, hint". Kloe made this crazy/adorable/fired/clay/sculpture/relief/portrait of Mack, Tyler and me. Words cannot describe it's beauty so you're going to have to try and use your imagination. AND of course my ever thoughtful husband presented me with "THE WORLD's MOST COMFY PJ's" for when I'm in the hospital. Tyler is the best.
3) Cake. Chocolate Costco Cake. Those three little words should be enough.

*Went to Disneyland yesterday. The new Monster's INC ride is a real disappointment. These monsters are supposed to be talking and stuff, but their mouths never move. Mr Disney practically invented animatronics--I expected more. Shame on you Walt. Hung around through the noncommittal rain to watch the fireworks. Still amazing no matter how many times you see it. I love them!

*Looking forward to...
-The obvious
-Saturday afternoon and Sunday General Conference
-Spa appointment on Monday (more to follow)


  1. Fern............I'm so glad Tyler married you. Your the best thing to happen to this family since the grandbabies came


    I'm glad to hear your birthday went well. Sorry I didn't get you a present...maybe next time :) We should chat sometime. Maybe I'll just have to be content with blog chatting for a while. But you better call me with in 10 days! I'll try calling you to. Why do I feel like my phone doesn't really surve it's function? I got a message from Lizette this morning. She left it last night. I thought "why didn't I get this message last night? Or better yet the phone call?!" Oh well, I guess it's what I get for living in the middle of no where Idaho. Ok, I'm going to go now before I sound completely insane. Sorry I'm in a pessamistic mood. I woke up late to an inch of snow on the ground. I think that could ruin anybodys morning.