My Baby Takes the Morning Train

Mack Burdette finally arrived (with a little help) on May 3rd!! Nearly two weeks later baby and mom are both doing well. He weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs, leaving me with 4th degree episiotomy/tear. 4th implying as bad as it can possible get. Very Fun. The highlight of the delivery for me had to be my dad giving me my epidural, which then was turned off just in time for me to feel the "real" pain. OUCH. Tyler was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire experience. He was a little nervous to see me in so much pain but was very brave just the same.
I feel as if I've nearly fully recovered. I don't walk funny anymore and don't have to sit with my special inflatable pillow either. Mack is quickly gaining weight and is already into 3-6 month clothes. His only complaint is the gas my antibiotics (from when I had to go into the ER last week for a fever/rash/infection--fun again) give him. I hope to be able to post pictures of our little man soon.


  1. Well, I guess you are feeling mostly recovered if you're back on the blog. I just found out Brian is going to try to go to a concert in San Diego some time in the next month or so. I'm going to try to catch a ride down with him. It will only be a weekend, but I think it will be fun.I got that pics text of Mack and you're right. He really does look like a bigger/older baby. Well, tell the fam hi for me.

  2. Hey Fern!
    This is Lindsey...Angela's younger sister. I wanted to say Congratulations(!!) on your (big) baby! Mack is a cute name. I hope you recover fully soon!

    We talked to Angela on mother's day and she was excited that you had your baby!

    Congrats, again!