Little Man

My doctor's appointment yesterday went great. I'm really lucky that Tyler is still able to come to all of them with his crazy work schedule. But his boss has been pretty cool about everything so far and has even allowed him to come "on the clock". Lucky us! Mack is head down and she predicted his current weight at about 4 lbs--right on track. I told her this story I heard about a lady in our ward who thought she was having a boy and then turned out to have a 10 lb baby GIRL. She reviewed our ultrasound pictures and told us that Tracy, the girl who did our ultrasound, is never wrong. That was nice to hear. Most the time doctors tell you "Well, I can't promise anything." The best part is that she moved up the due date from May 1st to April 27th! About five days sooner!
For all of you Monkeys on my back who keep hounding me about a pregnancy picture--forgive me for not wanting to post a picture of myself at my heaviest weight ever on the internet. No, seriously, Tyler just got a digital camera for his birthday and I've been trying to post a picture but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm going to try again later.


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  2. fern, are you the blog administrator? deleted comments always make me so curious. Well, it's good to hear an up date on little Mack. Man! 5 days sooner. Maybe I'll be there for it after all.