High on the Mount

WOW! I went to the temple this morning, I didn't go meaning to run into Angela but I have to admit it did cross my mind. I have never seen so few missionaries at the Provo Temple. I felt real good and all that jolly stuff then, on the way home it happened! I was walking across the street when lo and behold! I would know that jumper anywhere! We screamed and ran towards each other! Man it felt sooooo good! I always thought that if I did see her I would fee all uncomfortable and unsure how to act. None of that. We laughed and chatted. I walked w/ her back up to the temple, and when we said good bye, it was so much easier than at the MTC! What a great day I had today!
Another great day= TUESDAY! It was my birthday. I admit I have a bit of a birthday phobia, but not because I'm afraid of getting old. Because my birthdays in the past have had a tendency to lean towards the worst days of the entire year. Nothing goes right, yada yada, you get the point. This birthday was not like that at all! We played card games with Steve, Jaque and Tyler's parents, then dropped Ty's folks off at the airport. Afterwards we returned to downtown and I picked up a new bra, tank top and croped linen pants. Then came home, had a burrito for lunch, and in lieu of a cake blew out some candles from on top of two ice cream sandwiches (Candles courtesy of Angela's package).
Tyler has strep throat again. The doctor thinks he might be a carrier for it. DARN IT! He'll probably have to get his tonsels out, at least that's covered by our insurance.
In summary this week has gone like this..
TUESDAY= GOOD DAY (birthday)
THURSDAY= GOOD DAY (temple and Angela)
Looks like "the good out number the bad" (but not in Nottingham <-from Disney's Robin Hood).


  1. Yo Yo Yo- I was leafing through the stacks of the library this afternoon (blatantly avoiding my calculus test preparations) when I decided to look up Ayn Rand. I checked out a book of hers (well, it's actually a play) called: The Night of January 16th. It looks like a quick read, and if I know Ayn Rand (and I think I do...) I'm sure it will be filled with her usual wit and humor that we both enjoy (...what do you think of me? I don't.) Anyway, put that book on your list, and if you do get around to reading it, DON'T skip the intro because I thought it was really great. Also, I want to know more about Madame Bovary! I bought the book at Borders awhile back and now that you've raved about it on your blog site, I'll have to get right to it. Hope you're doing good! Talk to you later!!!-Love Big D-Dogg

  2. still waiting Fern:) its been 1 month and I know things have been happening in your world. come on already girl.....
    Ty, congrats on your first acceptance, many more to come, I'm sure.

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