I typed up this post while I was in San Diego, then hit some crazy button and it disapeared! But hey, now that I'm back in Ute it's showed up again. Here it is, previously unpublished found deep in the archives...

I'm so proud.
Once again I'm in Sunny San Diego!
Thanks for all the comments on my last post, I was worried I'd tick some people off. But heck! It's how I was feeling. Last weekend we went to Kyle's Lacosse game up in Carson, Ca. I've decided that I'm probably not the best lucky charm for him. His team always wins when I go to the game, but he doesn't really have much to do with it... Every time I'm not there however, he plays nearly the entire game and the team pours the cooler over his head and lifts him up on their shoulders! YEah! Kyle ROCKS! Alright maybe I'm exagerating a little.
Nothing like hanging around the hosue on a Saturday morning, "Is your work done? Is your work done?"
I hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Leprachauns came to our house and messed up the back yard. But at least they left us a hefty amount of chocolate.


  1. Yo ferny fern,
    I feel like it's been years since I've talked to you. Sunny San Diego sounds fun. It's still dreary here in Idaho. I was planning on coming to Utah this weekend, but alas I forgot I have to teach relief society so It'll have to wait. What are you doing for conference?

  2. Ferny Fern,
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Fern, Happy Birthday to you.
    Could you tell that I was singing that to you?:) Well I was......Hope it was a Fabulous day. And that my brother treated you to a fancy dinner or something. Wish you guys were here. Enjoy your Day......