Mack and Henry have the best conversations.
Today, the boys and I spent nearly all our daylight hours at my Mom's house. I was sorta working on Christmas gifts, Mack did 'homework' in his preschool workbook and Henry built towers while attempting to eat his weight in cookies. Wallace mostly cried because he doesn't feel good (he's got a cold), but when he wasn't crying his was flirting with his Granny and Aunt Kloe.
After family night, we came home and Tyler put the two older boys in the bathtub.  After they'd been in the tub a while, Mack let out an enormous toot in the water. Henry turned and asked him very seriously, "You pooped?"
Mack answered him, "No, I tooted."
"You tooted in the water?"
"Yeah, under the water."
A little while later Mack leaned back in the tub and sighed, "Ahhh. This is the life."


  1. They are so funny, I seriously feel like we have the same life! My kids have the same conversations all the time!

  2. love these posts about their conversations