Innocent Mess

Until yesterday, when Tyler and I asked Mack to go get a diaper he would come back with a diaper about 50% of the time. Not anymore. He's found something much more interesting. The wipes. Now he heads into his room, very obediently, and goes to the bin his under his bed where we keep the diapers and wipes. Pulls the top off the wipes and then, using only one wipe at a time, proceeds to wipe his nose over and over again until I come in and stop him and shove all the wipes back in the box (they only touched his nose, I'll use them again).
And while I was typing this post, Mack decided to pour his milk onto the coffee table (silly name since there has never been coffee on it).

1 comment:

  1. That sounds like Blake. He loves to wipe his nose with the wipes, at least now he only takes one out and then when he is done wiping his nose he throws it in the garbage. Kids are so funny!