5 minutes ago

I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth (don't worry, I brushed them this morning too) as we're about to head out the door. Tyler had remarked earlier when he got home about how tired I looked, so after I brush my teeth I look into the mirror and say, "Well, at least I don't look as bad as I feel. I feel like garbage." Then I turn and look at Tyler and ask, "So I look like...crap?" Tyler's answer: "What's worse? Crap or garbage?"
Neither, Tyler. The answer is neither.
You look beautiful never hurt anyone.


  1. Honey,

    I was trying to figure out what was worse so I could tell you that you look like the better option. Of course you are beautiful.



  2. I think Ty has spent too much time with you dad. Give it up Tyler.
    love you, mom