How totally awesome is this! Free Land! If today were two years from now Tyler and I would do this in a heart beat. That's the kind of spontaneous, crazy people we are (although I don't think anything involving real estate should have those adjectives attached to it. No matter how impulsive it is, land just doesn't seem crazy now does it. Maybe the fact that I think it's crazy shows how unspontaneous I'm becoming?? tangent done). I would fly out tomorrow, no joke! Stand in line all night and maybe even purchase a "baked good" or two from the "student government students". But sadly, the timing couldn't be worse. We're still in Mexico and in the midst of a yet another transition, ie: move and becoming legitimate tax paying citizens. Grr. There is an article about it on CNN.com (sorry no link: too lazy), and ever since we read it we've been thinking about the many ways we would/could take advantage of this situation. But don't you worry, I'm going to keep my eye on this little town just in case they decide to do anything like this in the future.

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  1. that is totally awesome! What a great opportunity. Wish I had the $500 to get started.