deep breath

I don't know where to start, so forgive me if this is a bit choppy. Tyler's birthday was wonderful on Friday. Thanks for all the text messages (you know who you are). It's the thought that counts, right? Just so no one gets confused, we can't get texts in south of the border. The next day, I came down with Mack's stomach virus. Not fun. Yesterday, I was officially stamped "healthy"...just in time for poor Ty to get sick. He was in a bad way last night, poor guy, and is on the road right now headed for Laredo. He left about 2 hours ago and Mack and I are still here. We decided to stick in out in Monterrey this time. Ty will fly to San Francisco early tomorrow morning, have an interview in the afternoon, and fly back Thursday. So he should be back sometime around 7 slash 8ish.

BIG NEWS: Kerin is engaged! Corey popped the question a weekish ago. The date is set for August 3rd (changed from July 13 because the reception venue was booked! sad.). I'm very, very excited for her to begin this new chapter in her life! Husbands rock (I miss Tyler)!

BAD NEWS: Last Tuesday we were on our way to Saltillo and we got in a car accident. Living in Monterrey this long I'm frankly surprised we didn't get in one earlier. No one was hurt and now our bumper is tied onto the car with zipper ties. bummer. I don't want to say anything else about it.

My mom sent me some pictures today from when we went to Disneyland back in January. Pictures of all three of us together are so rare! And I had to include a pic of mack with his mouse ears on over his hat in front of It's a Small World.


I've got sewing on the brain. I even dream about it. I can't wait to start my next project, but at the same time I get so overwhelmed thinking about where to begin. I want to do it all! But I'm going to say it right here so it has to come true: Tomorrow I'm going to make Mack some sandals. Really. I am so excited about the things I've already made. It's so satisfying to make practical things. Things we're actually using, and save us tangible money. Maybe it sounds boring, but that's only because I'm not good at writing about what it is I do. It is not boring. My poor mother as to listen to me toot my horn every time I finish something. Thanks for putting up with all my calls! Here's are pictures of a few of the things I've called about. Now you can finally put a "face" with my projects.

*In case you can't tell, the middle pictures are of a bib with sleeves. I made it using a PJ pattern and an old hand towel. But my favorite part was using up all those bright scraps of ribbon and rick rack. You don't get to use much trim when you're sewing for a little boy. The last one is a pair of bear shoes. And since I'm explaining the others--The first ones are Mack's "Monster Outfit". Gotta love the turned up cuffs (Ty's idea) and perfect pocket placement. I have a bit of an obsession with cute monsters. I blame my parents for raising me (thankfully) on Sesame Street. *


  1. Oh what i handsome couple! This is just your very best girlfriend leaving you a comment!!

  2. I love the monster outfit! The little guy in it isn't too bad either. Everything looks great. You are very talented. love ya see you in three weeks

  3. Wow Fern! You have been busy. What are you going to make sandals with? I'm curious. I don't think sewing is boring. I sew quite a bit also. Remember when we all sewed our halloween costumes?

    Kerin and Corey look really happy :) Congrats to them!

  4. Fern I love the one of you two at Disneyland. He is just way too cute. I wish I knew how to sew so I could make Blake cool things!

  5. fern, you are the artsy-est mom I've ever seen! It's amazing! You make the coolest stuff! That's so crazy that Kerin is engaged! I'm really happy for her- he looks like a happy guy and a good match for her.