We're back and nearly recovered from a whirlwind trip to San Diego. Tyler had a job fair to go to on the 3rd and Mack and I decided to tag along. Ty wasn't comfortable leaving us in Monterrey for 3 days alone, and a hotel across the border would have cost just as much as flying to San Diego (we snagged $89 each way, direct tickets thanks to Southwest). As far as I can tell the job fair was a success. Tyler spoke to all 12 companies there he was interested in and is now waiting to hear back from them.
I managed to get Mack into see the doctor while we were in CA. It's just as we suspected, he's still growing. He's 28 inches long (95th %) and weighs 19 pounds 2 ounces (85th %). He thought the appointment was basically tickle time, so no worries there. Obviously he wasn't too keen about getting his shots, but who is?
Have you noticed Mack is SIX MONTHS OLD! Babies are so great! In the last six months he's conquered a countless number of skills. In fact, as I write this he has learned how to pull down his toy-with-the-blue-arches and scoot his way inside. AMAZING! Maybe I'm a little biased...but I think we've got a genius on our hands...


  1. Can we get some pictures from San Diego?

  2. Sorry, we forgot our camera. But Mom took about a gazilion and Dad took some video of him in the Johnny Jump-up. So e-mail them and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to send it to you. :)