I just had to share some pictures of this gorgeous sweater we found the other day. It's a size four, so it won't fit Mack for a while, but I had to have it. I even made Tyler ask the guy if they made them in my size (they don't). It's from Otavalo, where Tyler served his mission. All the little details--such as the hut, llama, sun, etc-- are hand stitched. We picked up a few other beautiful items, but I can't share them on such a public forum, what with Christmas right around the corner. Hooray for the Holidays!


  1. THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! It reminds me of my old coat!!

  2. If you'd like some for Christmas, I know a good store called Northern Reflections that has the same stuff!

    Grandpa P

    p.s. that sweater will embarrass Mack the rest of his life.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahhahaha Dad is finally learning!!!
    but it does have a nice northern reflection feel to it