Back by Popular Demand

A couple of people have asked me to send them some pics of Mack. I said I'd post more on my blog... so here they are for your viewing pleasure! Here's our little Mackerdoodle in the bath! He usually screams a little bit at the begining, but then he calms down and seems to really enjoy it by the end.

I love this pic 'cause I feel like it really shows off his blond hair and fair skin (just like Tyler!). A bunch of his hair in the front fell out a couple weeks ago, but it's starting to grow back in now.

Mack in his vibrating bouncy chair...that he loves, with his binky...that he loves. I'm sorry to say that both of these items have become a crutch in my life. I don't know how Mack (or Tyler and I) would survive with out either one.

Last one: Here is Mack and his daddy hanging out on a Sunday afternoon, discussing the NBA playoffs and what Mack plans to spit up on next.


  1. Fern: I forgot to check out your blog. Try to post things every week of two. I love seeing and hearing what about what is happening down there.

    I love Mackerdoodle.



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