Summer Pictures

So I'm upstairs and just found a wealth of photo's from this last summer. I still want to post some more but I figure this is a good start.... (they're even in chronological order, ooOOOoo)

Two love birds (plus her entire family) at the "Honeymoon Capital of the World." I kept a bunch of those blue ponchos to shred up and knit a bag out of.

BAM! Heeeerrrrreeee's NIAGRA! Niagra falls was absolutely enormous. Honestly, I'd expected it to be abit of a let down but this waterfall does not disapoint.

Eating lunch in Niagra City, Canada. This place is like a mini Las Vegas. Crazy. Don't be fooled by those smiling faces it would end up taking over an hour for us to get our food and it wasn't even that good.

4th of July on my Dad's boat. We went out to San Diego Bay and were literally right underneath all of the fireworks. I loved it!

Again- 4th of July. That's Karly on the left trying to read by little side lights on the boat.

Awww. Our puppy Georgia. She's a little big bigger now, but still just a darn cute. eg: she still looks like a puppy dog.

Tyler, me, Karly with my hand for a head, Kloe and Kody's back marveling at the world's largest living organisim durring the "lake trip" in August.

This is most of my family sans Kerin and Kassey, with our neighbors at the Newport Beach Temple open house. Nope, we're not standing in front of the temple.

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