Late Night (almost)

Tyler just left for work and I'm sitting here, searching the world wide web, hoping to be tired sometime soon. I don't have any exciting trips to report, but we have been barbecuing a lot lately. How is that for a segue! Last time we were in Seattle we brought our grill back with us. So far we've had hot dogs, bratwurst, corn, and on Monday I traded in my penny jar and got us some steaks. Its amazing how a little variety in the ol' diet can brighten up the day.
My days lately are jam packed with moving preparations. I've got us a storage unit, but we still need to research out car and health insurance. I've nearly packed up our entire apartment (did 5 more boxes today). Our living room resembles a disorganized and carpeted storage unit. Go figure.


  1. I love to Bar-B-Q also. I love you.


  2. Ferny,
    Got to love those BBQ's. Sounds quite tasty. I wish that I could say that we have been at the BBQ too, but us lucky ones up here in Seattle have been blessed with RAIN. Hope to dust off the BBQ soon. Cross your fingers for us. Good luck on the ol move. Be in touch.