Just Can't Get Enough...

I can't get any time to update this blog, and I can't get enough pictures of the newest member of our family. Here are some MORE pictures of WallaceMorley. Handsome. I'm having trouble deciding which one of these pictures to frame (and finding the time), I love so many.  I especially love the ones of Wallace with his Daddy (predictable). Wallace has huge hands and feet--they're as big as his cousin Winni's) but he looks teeny tiny when Tyler holds him.
All pictures are courtesy of the generous and talented Mackenzie of MACKENZIE ROBERTS PHOTOGRAPHY.  Not only is she talented but also patient. Wallace cried almost the entire time. AND she took all of these photos indoors on our couch. Kudos.


  1. Love them. I love BOYS they are the best. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  2. We're bummed we didn't get to meet the little guy before we moved. He's gorgeous! We'll have to meet up with you guys the next time we come up to Seattle.