Camping Trip

Allow me to stick to my theme of living in the past, and post some pictures of the boys from when we went on a little camping trip this summer. These pictures are all from when we were setting up camp before our friends arrived. I think they said they were working, but maybe they just wanted to wait until our two crazy boys were already asleep the 1st night? (j/k I know they were all working....right?) The boys were crazy. I'd look over and Hank would be literally rolling around in the dirt, just in case he missed a spot. Our campsite a little hill in the back of it. Mack said "This mountain is great for big boys to climb on." Hank like to walk up it and then run down it and fall flat on his face (and then roll around some more). The place was called Camano State Park, I think and we'd definitely go back, especially to nearby Cama State Park, which was gorgeous. The best part about this camping spot is how close it is to our house, just about an hour away, so easy to get to, but too far to run home if we forget anything.

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  1. What a great new blog! I've really missed looking at it-- especially watching your boys grow up. That's amazing. . they look like real little boys!! What studs. How are you and Tyler? Are ya'll still in Seattle? Bry and I just moved back to Moab and things are going great. Thanks for posting!