Post 100

Sorry in advance about another lame, short, post, that's not even a real update. Especially for number 100. I just can't seem to muster up the motivation to write anything longer. Rest assured we're very busy and having a wonderful Summer.
Yesterday morning Tyler walked into the living room to find Mack sitting ON Henry's lap (not in front of it), trying to make Hank read him a book. Ty says they we're both lovin' it. Our lazy little Hank has started to get around a bit. He's not quick, but he gets where he wants to go through a series of rolls, mingled with a bit of twisting and turning. He's not a huge talker most of the time, but seemed to think yesterday during Church would be a good time to exercise those vocal chords. We thought it was cute, and didn't mind since he dosen't do it that often, so we just took turns taking him out. Gotta love that baby gabber.


  1. What great boys I have for grandsons. I would have liked the post better if there had been a picture Hank reading to Mack . .hint, hint I need a picture fix.

  2. Thanks for your help. I think firefox fixed it. we shall see.