We Thompson's try to keep a low profile, here in the fabulous Northwest, but our adoring public just won't leave us alone...
I could go back and give a recap of what a busy summer we've had so far. I could tell you all about our awesome trip down to San Diego, the great time we had at Legoland, Disneyland, and Balboa Park. Or Maybe some pictures of Mack and Henry out on the boat in the Bay. I could tell you about how Henry cried on the plane the entire flight down and slept the whole way back. Then I would probably mention how "nervous" (his word, not mine) Mack was and how he insisted the we keep the window closed the entire flight. I could even tell you how much Mack and Hank L.O.V.E.D. having their Granny all to themselves for a day at Legoland, and all the fun they had ridding the boat, plane, truck and train rides. I might even tell you how enamored Mack was with his Grandpa Kim and how he still talks about his truck, and other various modes of transportation, every single day and asks me every morning "Where's Grandpa Kim?"
But if I told you about all of that, then I'd need to go even further back and write about Mack's neat-O birthday at the Seattle Center. About how it rained and we had to move the party inside to the Center House, but nobody seemed to mind, especially not Mack when he got his new "Big Bike" (which is actually a tricycle). Then I'd be obligated to mention a little about Tyler's trips to Pittsburgh (where he saw my brother, Elder Porterfield) and Philadelphia (where he ate a lot of cheese steaks). And there is NO WAY I could give an update without mentioning my the end of my Tap Dance class I've been taking with my bud Amy and the AMAZING recital we had at the end. Then, last of all, I'd say something about Mother's Day and Father's Day and what a wonderful time Tyler and I each had watching the other one do all the work and change all the diapers for an entire day (of course I'm kidding). But I won't (Didn't see that one coming did you?).


  1. I'm so glad you finally posted! I've been missing your blog and your kids grow so fast that every picture looks different. Man, you've had a great summer! Congrats on the tap-class. . .that's so cool! And those cream puffs look divine.

  2. Very creative. I can't believe how much your kids have changed! Mack's hair is so much darker then I remember. Just so cute and I love the curls!

  3. cute pics! Our next class should be belly dancing, that's my vote!

  4. It has been a great SPRING and now that summer is almost here I am sure it will be even more fun. I have the most handsome grandsons ever! I'm with Amy I think you should go belly dancing.

  5. wait till you get the pictures i took of mack in the bath tub! you're gonna have to do a whole blog just on how great of a picture taker i am (some might call it me a photographer)