Wii love it!

We've moved...again. But this time it was just south a couple of blocks and we're luckily still in our same ward. The new place feels twice as big has 1.5 baths, stairs and what I'm told are great views of the Cascades, but I've yet to see them with all the clouds. We were lucky enough to have fabulous weather both the weekend before and after and then a stinkin' blizzard the very weekend we decided to move. Needless to say it was character building. Thank goodness for Nathan and Amy's connections in the area or else I don't know how we would have gotten the couch over here (I do know and it would have cost $$). Mack and Henry seem to really like the new place. There's a little boy down the street Henry's age and two more really close in age to Mack. He loves his "new friends!" and "buddies" as he calls them. I think I'll call them all "The Puddle Brigade". Tyler's and my favorite perks have to include the several hundred dollars we're saving in a cheaper rent and enjoying much closer parking. Tyler would also point out here that we can see part of the movie theater from our back deck (maybe this is the great view everyone is talking about?).
Last week at work, Tyler won a Wii for being the top dog for X number of days. Way to go Tyler! We NEVER had any intention of buying a system. I would always say, "That's something our kids can do someday at a friends house. I don't want one." Well, I guess I can eat my own words now, because I can't help it...I love the darn thing. It's AMAZING! We put the little things on Mack the other day and had him box. Funny stuff, arms everywhere.
I think this post reads similar to a phone conversation where there isn't really anything left to talk about (probably because I wrote it while taking breaks to give out breakfast, help Mack on the toilet, nurse Henry and put him down for a nap). So I'll finish by telling you about the weather. It's raining again/still, and I like it.

I almost forgot about the Easter Pictures...

Henry and Mack find their Easter Baskets, then pose next to their trophies as the true hunters they are.

Our feble attempts to get a good Easter Sunday picture. We simply try to get the kids next to each other then take as many pictures as we can, hoping one of them will turn out "good".


  1. I love the outfits. Henry is a bit more serious than Mack it looks like and are Henry's eyes turning brown? My favorite picture is the last one. Mack loves his brother. I love my granbabies!

  2. Nope, Henry's eyes are not brown. In these pictures they were still a VERY dark blue. They're slowly lightening up. I think Mack has blue eyes like Ty's and Henry has blue eyes like mine maybe or Karly's. In those pics you can also see the easter banner I made and Henry's linen shoes I whipped up the night before. Did you notice Mack's Easter basket full of cutlery?

  3. I like that picture of Mack with his bum towards the camera..nice.:)

  4. One can never have enough cutlery for Easter! and yes I love the shoes and the banner.

  5. Elder Porterfield10:02 AM, May 01, 2008

    man they are all getting so big, its crazy. its good to see pictures of them tho.. i get to see their dad in a week.

  6. WHAT YOU GOT A WII!!!! i'm so freakin jealous!! i want to see mack play so bad! bring it to california with you pleeeeaaasseeee....