The First Haircut

We finally worked up the courage to cut Mack's hair.


  1. he looks like such a little man!! the hair cut looks great, it's funny how you can see his little face now.
    - tante kass

  2. I love Mack's hair cut. I only wish I could have been there for the big event!
    Love you, Granny

  3. I like it. You were always good at cutting hair.

  4. So in reply to your comment... Though Jerusalem is over- my blog is still alive. haha. How are you? I think that your blog is my favorite because the pictures of your kids (notice the plural now) are so cute!

  5. Mack and Henry are studs. nuf said.

    Grandpa P

  6. I actually wasn't completely honest in my last post. . .technically I've been using the food storage from the family here (they said we could), but feeling less than comfortable with that, I decided maybe I should try the distribution center also! BTW, I agree with "grandpa P" :)

  7. Ok- SO question... I didnt have your email by the way, so I figured this was the best way to ask you a question. How did you handle morning sickness?? I think it is just starting to come on. Oh yeah, I am pregnant by the way. about 5-6 weeks. Ok- any advice would help.


    P.S. I bought B6, heard it could help.

  8. alright it's been almost a month and i'm sure little henry it looking different and mack is ready for a another hair cut... so i think the public would agree with me- TIME FOR MORE PICTURES!! yeah