A Merry Christmas Indeed

Santa definitely came for Mack and me this Christmas. Fern gave me a TomTom GPS navigator that I love. I will never get lost again (not that I did before). Mack doubled his toy supply including a total of 14 new cars. I think he is in toy overload. When he came out of his room and saw his presents he said "Santa!" very matter-of-factly We spent 2 and a half hours opening presents, mostly because Mack only wanted to play with the cars he opened first. Fern got some pretty cools gifts too but lets face it full-term pregnant women are hard to shop for. Everything I got her was a hit except the embroidered slippers that she described as "fit for an 80 year old woman" Oh well, I'm a dad now which means I have to buy at least one lame gift. On Christmas Eve, Fern hosted a very successful party with tons of holiday snacks. We did the traditional nativity, ate open-faced sandwiches and performed a talent show.

Today we went in for Fern's amniocentesis to make sure the baby's lungs have developed so that she can be induced a week early (hospital policy). Everything went well and we are just waiting for the results. If the tests come back okay we will be having a baby as soon as they have room for us. So, that is the quick update and final update before Henry Allen is born!!!

We'll keep you posted....

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  1. Mack looks likw he is one happy boy. Two question - Where is the present Grandpa and I gave him? and Is the thing on his lap in his picture with all the presents the blanket from Grandma judy? I'm counting the days till I'm on the plane!