Apparently, we've got some catching up to do. We'll start with two bath time shots. Everyone loves a cute little guy in a bathtub.
Naturally, after a nice bath a guy likes to looks his best. I know, as his mother, I'm bound to be a little biased, but really, he's got to be the best looking kid I've EVER SEEN!
In a time long ago, known as October, we celebrated Halloween. Mack loved Halloween. He loved walking around the pumpkin patch and meeting the animals. I think his favorite part of Halloween was scooping all the seeds out of the pumpkin. He practically had a melt down when it was time to get down off the table. On Halloween night, he had no problem walking up to strangers and taking candy from them (which could lead to problems down the road). On the way home from the trunk or treat I looked back to see he'd sneaked a piece of licorice, other than that, all his candy went to Tyler.

It finally happened, Mack finally had a timeout he did NOT enjoy. By the way, this timeout is in no way related to the pumpkin incident. I can't remember exactly what it was about, but I think it somehow involved the throwing of food.

Early in November, my sister-in-laws, Tonya and Monique, threw me a baby shower. Here I am with all my gifts. Hooray for presents! And with my new buddy Amy. The shower was lots of fun with lots of good food, it was great to see all of Tyler's family.

Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pie. So I made six, and Tyler made one. We only took five over to Ty's parent's house and kept the rest for ourselves. Mack loved eating the pie almost as much as he loved helping me clean up the beaters. Looks like Mack has a little of his mom in him yet, he loves chocolate.

I also made the candied yams (big hit). I know what you're thinking, "Yuck, yams are gross". Wrong. If you don't like yams, then you've never had my family's yams. They'll change your life. Really.

There, I think that just about does it. All caught up. Next time: Christmas Stuff! I am so excited about Christmas!


  1. Thank you for the pictures. I was tired of looking at the patterns and waiting for pictures for Mack. I love the sweet boy with the cute little bum. He has mischief in his eyes like his mom had when she was little like him. You really need to get his hair cut before he goes to see Santa or at least before Henry gets here. love you all.

  2. gorgeous :] my favorite picture i definately the one of him in his daiper covered in chocolate!! Glorious!!!! your hair looks very healthy and shiny and long too :]

  3. Wow! Really cute pictures! Looks like you had your hands full for the Holidays:) Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I havent yet moved up the ranks to actually posting really meaningful stuff on my blog. I think you do a great job of pictures and story telling by the way. I just kind of post things here and there. I put up those pictures of Jenna because I wanted my parents to see the results of my first practice of taking pictures with my new camera and new found love of photography. Other than that...I dont have anything exciting going on in my life to post about. Its just school and work right now. We actually move to Seattle next April when we graduate. Hopefully I will be pregnant by then! Ok-well keep in touch, I always love looking at your blog!


  4. Is Mack really that messy or did you smear extra chocolate on his face for added shock value before snapping the picture? I'm thinking the latter...

  5. My favorite pictures are the timeout pictures. He looks positively devastated and I've seen that look in little kid's eyes before. Sweet new glasses (the red ones), I really like them!

  6. Madam (aka Danna), your accusations shock me! I did no such thing! Apparently Mack knows something we don't about chocolate pie filling and its age defying skin regeneration qualities.

  7. Okay he is just too cute, I love the time out pics and the naked ones. Okay I just love all of them, don't cut his hair it's way too cute!

  8. oh these are great i mean mack is great! it's funny to think about what henry is gonna be like. I like the super big grin on his face in the picture with the chocolate all over! and how could no one mention the suit!! oh he looks so fancy, i'm pretty sure he doesn't need a hair cut. looks like he's just getting good and combing it, why cut it all off.