I have until Mack finishes his breakfast to finish this post...
  • We went to Ikea on Friday and bought 3 lamps. In case you aren't as Ikea obsessed as I am (and few people are), they recently came out with their 2008 catalog and everything in it is AWESOME! Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating, a little. But we did decide that the Trofast system with drawers (new) is the perfect dresser to graduate Mack to, after his new sibling comes along and takes over his current dresser.

  • So far, we think our new ward is great. There are a bunch of young couples in it that actually like kids! Imagine that! Our last ward didn't feel quite the same. I think they saw it as a sign of weakness or something. (Mack just finished breakfast)
  • I went to Fred Myer for the 1st time on Monday and we got lost on the way home.
  • We got library cards yesterday! The last time I had a library card we lived in Provo, so its been a while. Mack LOVES it there. He was running down the aisles screaming like a little girl. Tyler was wonderful and took him outside so I could finish up. But why wouldn't he be screaming? I mean seriously, there are books everywhere! BOOKS! Only his favorite thing in the entire world. Well, that and apparently the small wire whisk he has brought me 3 times since I let him down from breakfast.
  • I have a doctor's appointment with a real doctor today. NOT at the most dangerous clinic this side of the Mississippi.

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