By the Way...

  • I made a HUGE scene at Church yesterday. I've made big scenes before, but trust me, this was the biggest. Several women in Relief Society commented that most people who get married young, end up divorced due to the age at which they married. One woman remarked that her daughter waited to get married until after she'd received a Master's degree, concluding that girls who get married young must not have any plans for their lives and get married because (they're stupid) and don't know what else to do (except like twirl their pigtails I guess). After listening to woman after woman insult me, I had to speak up. I told them they were being mean (yep!) and explained my side of the story. I may not have a Master's or teach inner city kids in Chicago, but I have an eternal family, which is why I'm here. Simply put, it is WHO not WHEN. Etc, etc. A LOT of women came up to me after church. Some to apologize, some to agree and some to defend themselves. Luckily, Tyler showed up and saved the day by getting me out of there. I am scared to death to go back next week.
  • Danna and David's wedding was stupendous. But honestly, how could it be anything else? I'm so excited for them to FINALLY start their new life together! My parents drove up from San Diego, and then shuttled Tyler, Mack and me out to Sacramento for the festivities. My mom took Mack to hang out with an old friend, while my Dad and Tyler managed to squeeze in a movie (Transformers) between the sealing and the reception.
  • Mack is CRAZY lately. It's very cute when I'm in a good mood and infuriating when I am stressed or need to get something done. Busy busy busy. He gets into and climbs onto everything. Mack loves riding his little tricycle around the living room, waving or yelling to people outside the window and spilling cups of milk. For all his mischief, I have to say that in some strange way he is very well behaved. Mack travels extremely well. Sits good through most of church and follows a few simple instructions. Most recently he learned to sit down when I tell him "Sit down on your BUM." I think it's very cute. He still loves to "read", and his favorite book has to be Tyler's old Spanish-English dictionary from his mission. His vocabulary now includes the words:
Lello (Hello)
Nanana (Banana)
Ma Ma
Da Da
Zzhoes (shoes)
Dee (Tree)
Dickle (Tickle)
Boom Boom
**I forgot to mention that he also says dog, ruff, sky and hot. Just this morning he said poop, but he says it "bo".**
  • For the last day and a half, a bunch of people that live in our building have been out on the front lawn arguing very loudly. We have no idea what it is about because the whole things in Turkish. But it must be serious because the women always leave crying. I just hope it doesn't get violent.
  • I'm looking forward to the next two weeks WITHOUT travel leading up to Kerin's wedding. Hopefully we can get our hands on some boxes and I can start packing--again.

Fourth of July at Embarcadero


  1. Fern! This post was sooo you! I loved it! I am proud of you for sticking up for your decision. I think you were dead on in what you said. It reminds me of one sunday in Tetonia with all of the old woman up there in RS. I made a comment that got the flabby elbows flying and some even called Badger creek afterward! Oh the woes of the outspoken and passionate. Love you tons.

  2. He is sooo cute Karia.