Tyler gets back tomorrow afternoon from Thailand!! I'm so excited. I've already 'spring-cleaned' our room twice and made him a big "WELCOME HOME" sign with lots of hearts on it. Awww. However, I had to put it all up on the bathroom mirror because that's basically the only empty space we have. Cozy right? Ty emailed me about an hour going saying that he'd arrived in Taiwan by the skin of his teeth due to the crazy lines through customs to leave Thailand. What do they care who leaves? I expect Tyler to arrive in San Diego tomorrow around 3pm but he might be able to get a earlier flight. Keep your fingers crossed.
In an unrelated topic, I had dinner tonight with my parents, my Grandpa Dick and his wife Jane. Happy 71st Birthday Grandpa! It was very fancy and delicious and a great way to pass the time waiting for my Tyler to come home safe. I can't wait!

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