Fresh Squeezed Start

Alright, so I decided I wanted a fresh start on this blog. fresh start = posting better and more often. Thus, the new back drop.
Since my last post a lot has happened. Let's start with the good news shall we? Dr Clark told me I could start bandaging my foot only every other day and if I can find the right kind, start wearing shoes on my BOTH my feet. You should have seen me after the appointment, I was positively floating! Plus! I can stand up in the shower on BOTH feet without a plastic bag on either one! After much trial and tribulation, the apartment is pretty much near spotless (I still need to mop). Even the laundry is all done. I've almost finished an amazing read, Eleanor of Aquitaine, by Alison Weir. (Don't worry, I don't expect anyone but history nerds like myself to appreciate that last sentence.) Alison Weir is one of my favorite authors, she also wrote all those book about the lineage of Henry VIII that I know and love so well. I got to Fly home and visit not only my immediate family, but most of my extended family was also there. Then to put icing on the cake, I Flew back too! I made a massive TO DO: list and actually accomplished most of the things on it!
Now for the bad news. I haven't been able to find any of the shoes I'm supposed to be wearing in a $$ I can afford. And the reason I was able to go home recently was because my nine year old cousin Savannah passed away two days after I got back from Destiny's funeral. Savannah (Stacy's daughter) was diagnosed with cancer when she was about two year old, after they discovered a tumor attached to her brain stem. She's had a long and hard battle with this world and I am relieved to know that she is finally at home in Heaven with so many people who love her. The funeral was hard, but not impossible since at least we were all prepared this time around.
A few days before the funeral, I helped my Aunt Stacy take her little demons shopping, and MY GOODNESS! Do I LOVE THOSE KIDS!! I love the way their active little minds and bodies are always managing to get into trouble! For example: we're all in the changing room at Kohl's and Stacy is trying to put a dress on her littlest, Etta (who is about 18 months old), when she slips under the wall and then comes back over holding her diaper in her hand and saying "my poopy butt!"
Stacy is bringing her clan to Utah for thanksgiving and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get to see them all before Ty and I leave for Seattle.

I'm not sure that his post has made any sense, but I don't believe in going back over it. Good Luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't remember what this is called, but I like to call it "a good day".
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  1. I'm lovin your blog....you really know how to do it.



  2. I love reading your blog. By the by dads Dr growing up was a Dr Clark and I know that he nas a son whois a Dr. and I know he has kids in Utah, hum? I'm glad you found possitive things about our few weeks in Oct/Nov of funerals.
    love ya, mom

  3. Fern, I am so glad you're home! Thanks again for the YUMMY bread. . . the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was grab a big handful and it was tastey!